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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Introducing Collin Rocco Bonomo

Dear Collin,

You finally made your grand entrance into this world on Monday, May 2, 2011 @ 8:03 am via c-section. Your birth was greatly anticipated. Mommy and Daddy were filled with many reservations, much anticipation and a tiny bit of fear during this pregnancy. It was some of the happiest and saddest nine months of our lives. We found out we were pregnant with you on August 29th. I got up in the morning and took a test and to my surprise it was positive. I remember running back into the bedroom to tell daddy and your big sister Kennedy the news.

I was filled with so many worries about you before you were born. I was afraid! I wanted you to be healthy and to thrive. With the outcome of your sisters birth 2 1/2 years prior I just didn't know what to expect. Every appointment I was reassured by my amazing OB that you were perfectly healthy, but I have to say I had my doubts.

The morning of your birth we were instructed to arrive at the hospital bright and early - 5 am to be exact. The night before I couldn't sleep. I was so eager to meet you. I couldn't wait to see what you looked like and to lay my eyes on you for the very first time. This was going to be such a new experience for your Daddy and me - completely different then the birth of your sister.

Grammy met us at the hospital and the three of us headed up to the labor and delivery floor. We reminisced about the times we spent at the hospital with your sister but all-and-all everyone was quiet. They called us back and got me hooked up to all the monitors and placed my IV. Mommy was trying to conjure up a way that I could convince the doctors to let your grammy in the room to witness your birth. At about 7:30 am the doctor came in and asked if we had any questions. We were advised to get ready because we were going to be meeting our little boy in just a short time.

They walked me back to the operating room and Daddy and Grammy gowned up. By this time they were seasoned experts and they knew the drill, as they were also privied and were allowed to witness the birth of your sister. As I walked back beyond the double doors my palms began to sweat. I was extremely anxious, but strangely felt a calmness over me (it must have been your sister). It took them two tries to place my spinal. Once they had me situated they went and got your welcoming committee (daddy and grammy). Grammy was on my right side and daddy was on my left side. The Dr. said she was starting the procedure and your Grammy looks over at me and says, "boy I am hot, I wish I didn't wear this sweatshirt". When you get older you will laugh at this, because your grammy normally has ice running through her veins.

The three of us were quiet. It seemed as if you could hear a pin drop in the OR. The Anesthesiologist came over and told your daddy and Grammy to stand up so they could witness your arrival. Both arouse like little school girls with their cameras in hand. Everyone was reciting play-by-play commentary and before you knew it you were out.

You let out the loudest cry that I have ever heard and all I could do was smile. It was reaffirmation that you were going to be ok. Due to the situation with your sister everyone was being overly cautious. Immediately after your birth they passed you off to the NICU team for examination. The nurse took Daddy and Grammy to be by your side while the doctor finished up on my procedure.

What felt like hours, but was probably only 5 minutes.....I hear a door open and the looks on their faces could have lit up a room, they told me that you were perfect. You had 10 fingers and 10 toes. You were alert and your respiratory status seemed great. As they were going on-and-on about you a nurse came through the doors carrying this perfect bundle of joy (you). She placed you in your Daddy's arms. They were right, you were perfect in every way possible. I thought to myself and thanked god for blessing me not once but twice with two perfect children.

We are so glad that you entered our lives. You brought light and a sense of purpose when we felt defeated and lost. We love you more then anything Collin. Welcome to our family.

Mommy, Daddy and Kennedy too!!


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